Dear friends, family and community,

We’re living in unprecedented times and we’re taking it day by day. A lot of us are anxious right now, and all of us are being asked to make significant changes to our daily lives. Some of those changes are small, but vital, like washing our hands more often. Others are more difficult but equally crucial, like forgoing much of our in-person socializing.

In that spirit, we’ve decided to temporarily close our corporate office and have asked our employees here to work from home. We’ve also implemented a modified work schedule for our warehouse staff, with the remainder of normal business hours designated as Work From Home time. This means that warehouse staff are being compensated as they would be under any other circumstances.

Within the warehouse itself, our team is thoroughly washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and staggering lunch breaks. Work practices have been adapted so that there’s no assembly line; instead, each person fully assembles their own items, meaning they’re not sharing space or passing products down to one other.

Currently, our website is up, and customers can continue to shop online. Customer Service is ready to answer your questions at and our social team can be reached by DM on Instagram and Facebook @josiemaran. We’ll continue to keep you posted of any developments.

In the meantime, we want you to continue showing love and practicing self-care.

Always with Gratitude,

The Josie Maran Team

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