Our mission is to empower everyone—and everything—around us through beauty.
By respecting the earth and sourcing with integrity, we're forging a better path to mindful manufacturing.

Our Promise
We cherish our planet like we cherish our skin. Just as the earth provides us the perfect nutrients for preserving our beauty, we're mindful to preserve the earth in turn. From our responsible sourcing methods all the way down to how our packaging is produced, we're planting the seeds for our planet's future.


When you buy a Josie Maran product, you're not just getting the best Argan Oil on the market.
You're supporting our commitment to doing good, beautifully.

Small change, big impact. We've begun the conversion to carton packaging made of 100% Post Consumer Waste material, which means we leave forest trees untouched.

To date, we've saved over 95,142 pounds of wood and 142,950 gallons of water!

Our responsibly harvested Argan Reserve concentrate not only comes boxed in 100% Post Consumer Waste material, but also utilizes every part of the Argan tree. From seed to shelf, we're eliminating unnecessary waste and minimizing our environmental footprint.
We're nearing our goal of producing 100% of our cartons with a carbon neutral footprint. We're paying it forward for the planet.

Changing the world with Argan Oil