We start with nature's best. Then, we create. We unlocked the limitless potential of Argan Oil to deliver formulations that outperform all others, giving you your best, most beautiful skin.

Why Argan Oil
Argan Oil symbolizes simplicity, truth, and beauty at its core. As nature's liquid gold elixir, this singular ingredient addresses a myriad of skin and beauty needs. Our hope is that with each product, we tap into a time-honored ritual of holistic beauty.

Beyond Skincare. Transformative Care.

Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment


Innovation: Argan Oil + Water
Experience: Youthful-Looking Plumpness

This unique formulation delivers all the anti-aging benefits of Argan Oil’s essential fatty acids under the skin to the cellular level.


More than Makeup. Beauty that's Skin Deep.

Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid


Innovation: Argan Oil + Cold-Pressed Fresh Pigments
Experience: Vibrant, Juicy, Healthy Skin

This full coverage, multi-benefit, anti-aging, natural foundation is formulated with Argan Oil, fruit extract, and fresh pigments that flow with your skin's movement for a vibrant, natural-looking finish.


Holistic Treatment from Head to Toe.

Divine Drip Honey Butter Balm


Innovation: Argan Oil + Honey
Experience: Decadent Quench

These two nourishing, time-honored ingredients are churned into a decadent, nutrient-dense concentrate that leaves behind nothing but silky skin.