A Timeless Ritual of Holistic Beauty

Transformative Argan Oil

  • • Organic
  • • Cruelty Free
  • • Vegan

Pure Argan Oil

50 mL | 1.7 fl. oz.


The Making of Argan Oil


Native to the southwest deserts of Morocco, Argan trees bear fruit that falls to the ground at maturity. We work with co-ops of Moroccan women to collect the fruit from the ground, never from the tree, and prepare the fruit for processing.

Cold-Pressed Process

The fruit is then hand-peeled, seeds are extracted from the nuts, and the nuts are ground into a paste. Without applying heat, the paste is then cold-pressed in order to retain maximum nutrients and potency.

Sharing the Love

After our cold-pressed process yields Argan Oil, we share it in its purest form while also innovating to bring you new products that leverage Argan Oil’s transformative powers. It’s our honor to uphold this timeless ritual in holistic beauty.