Argan Oil symbolizes simplicity, truth and beauty at its core. As nature’s liquid gold elixir, this singular ingredient addresses a myriad of skin and beauty needs. Our hope is that with each product, we tap into a time-honored ritual of holistic beauty.

Beyond Skincare. Transformative Care.

Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment

Innovation: Argan Oil + Water
Experience: Youthful-Looking Plumpness

This unique formulation delivers all the anti-aging benefits of Argan Oil’s essential fatty acids under the skin to the cellular level.

Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter

Innovation: Whipped Argan Oil + Natural Extracts
Experience: Firmer-Looking Skin

Argan Oil, whipped to a lightweight yet luxuriously rich texture then infused with watermelon seed oil and aloe nectar, designed to sink deeply into skin to boost skin’s moisture for firmer-looking skin.

More than Makeup. Beauty that's Skin Deep.

Argan Moonstone Drops

Innovation: Argan Oil + Iridescent Pearls
Experience: Luminous, Glow

We deliver healthy-looking skin with this antioxidant-rich formula infused with lightweight pearls to visibly brighten skin.

Vibrancy Oil Foundation Fluid

Innovation: Argan Oil + Cold-Pressed Fresh Pigments
Experience: Vibrant, Juicy, Healthy Skin

Like a fresh-pressed juice for your skin. This full coverage, multi-benefit, anti-aging, natural foundation is formulated with Argan Oil, fruit extract, and fresh pigments that flow with your skin’s movement for a vibrant, natural-looking finish.

Holistic Treatment from Head to Toe.

Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

Innovation: Whipped Argan Oil + Plant Oils & Extracts
Experience: Smooth Hydration and Sensory Delight

A silky, velvety ultra-hydrating body butter that’s whipped to a lightweight perfection to instantly improve the appearance of skin’s texture.

Divine Drip Honey Butter Balm

Innovation: Argan Oil + Honey
Experience: Decadent Quench

These two nourishing, time-honored ingredients are churned into a decadent, nutrient-dense concentrate that leaves behind nothing but silky skin.