"I'm constantly inspired by the vibrant spirit of women everywhere.

My mom and my daughters inspire me to share my most vibrant self and do more good in the world."


"The holidays are about connecting with people. If we can be together, then no one's alone. It's so important to realize just how lucky we are to be together.

I'm especially inspired by my grandkids Rumi and Indi. The way they hug, connect, and tell stories is just so unlike anyone else. It's so refreshing."


"My dog Solo. I was never a dog person, but he came into my life and changed that. He brings out the gentle side of me."


My family, because my family is a recipe of love. At the end of the day, moments with them are what matter most to me.”


“There’s a lot of good in the world. It can be difficult to feel that way sometimes, but I always like trying to find the good in people. Everybody inspires me. Always finding the good in people makes me want to be a better person, too!"