100% Pure Argan Oil

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What is Argan Oil?

Our 100% natural, 100% organic, pure argan oil is harvested and cold pressed from the nut of the argan tree. Argan oil (also known as Moroccan oil) is a multi-tasking miracle moisturizer that's organically grown and naturally free of harmful, synthetic chemicals. As one of the rarest oils in the world, it has earned the nickname, "liquid gold." It's rich in high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and powerful anti-oxidants. Vitamin E and essential fatty acids are argan oil benefits that help hydrate and soften your hair, face, body, nails and everything in between.

Why Argan Oil?

Just over ten years ago, I was on a modeling trip in the south of France and met a beautiful older woman whose skin visibly glowed with health. I guessed that she was around 40 years old—turns out she was 70! Her centuries-old secret? Argan Oil.

It’s been rocking my world ever since.

There isn’t much it can’t do. It’s light enough to use as an everyday moisturizer, yet powerful enough to soothe the symptoms of skin ailments like red, dry and oily skin that may clog pores.

And it’s way more than a pretty face. Our Argan Oil is a world-changer in a bottle—organically grown, then harvested by Berber women who support themselves and their families by selling us their liquid treasure. Health, beauty, and women empowering themselves: that’s the essence of Josie Maran Cosmetics.

Here’s how I use it…

Smooth Argan Oil all over after a shower to lock in moisture and silken your skin like never before, or use Argan Balm to troubleshoot rough patches on elbows, knees, ankles…anywhere! Try adding a few drops to your favorite body cream or bath water…amazing! For the ultimate luxury, spoil your skin with my Whipped Argan Oil Body Cleansing Butter followed by my Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter.

The ultimate, all-natural night cream. Smooth a few drops of Argan Oil or my new miracle in a bottle, Argan Milk, into clean skin before bed for a night of deep moisturizing, revitalization and repair, then lock it in with Argan Infinity Cream. During the day, apply Argan Oil under your favorite sunscreen for a naturally moisturized glow, or skip a step and apply both at once with my best-selling Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47.

Watch them fade as the anti-aging power of Argan Oil’s essential fatty acids work deep under the skin to plump, repair and rejuvinate. My absolute favorite wrinkle weapon is Argan Milk—so gentle you can even use it as an eye cream.

Dab a drop of Argan Oil or Argan Balm on rough cuticles and smooth into your nails to watch them shine with natural beauty—no polish required.

Just wait til your thirsty strands drink up the all-natural goodness! Smooth Argan Oil onto wet or dry hair for shine and softness, to repair split ends, and to protect it from heat styling. When my hair’s acting frizzy, I like to rub a few drops between my hands and pat them over my hair to tame fly-aways. Works like a charm! I also love love love Argan Oil Hair Serum as a moisturizing styling aid.

Kiss dry, chapped lips goodbye. Argan Oil is the perfect pick to smooth, soothe, moisturize and add an alluring touch of shine. Smooth on a drop with your fingertips, or try our Argan Lip Treatment or Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick for lip-specific love. And for date night, my lipsticks, stains, oils and glosses are a girl’s best friend with benefits! Check them all out here.

Nothing soothes like Argan Oil. Massage a few drops of oil or Argan Infinity Cream or Argan Balm onto inflamed, chafed and irritated skin for immediate relief that helps reduce the appearance of redness and scarring.

Soothe and calm your sunburn with Argan Oil whichkeeps skin moisturized to lessen dryness and peeling skin that are often associated with sunburn.

Naturally, I’ve infused all of my cosmetics with the miraculous powers of Argan Oil, but you can do the same by simply blending a drop of Argan Oil or, better yet, Argan Infinity Cream into your favorite eye shadow or blush to transform them from powders to silky, crease-free creams with built-in benefits. And nothing tames my brows or highlights my cheekbones better than a naturally glowing sweep of Argan Infinity Cream!