• Bear Naked Wipes
  • Bear Naked Wipes

Bear Naked Wipes

Size: 30 wipes in each pack

“They are super soft, moist, and smell divine. They work great to remove makeup and refresh your face, leaving it dewy.” — Elizabeth, josiemaran.com

What it is:  Erase the day from your face and protect the polar bears’ place. If you don’t have access to soap and water, or need to do some emergency eyeliner spot-removal—it happens to the best of us—these handy wipes remove every trace of dirt and makeup and leave you fresh-faced and hydrated. Wait. It gets better: A portion of what you pay for each pack goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council's Polar Bear SOS Initiative. Restore balance to your face and to the habitat of our furry Arctic friends.

Why I love it: When I want to wipe the slate clean, Bear Naked Wipes make it easy. Saturated with a soothing, cleansing solution that includes natural plant-based essences, each luxuriously soft wipe purifies, exfoliates and leaves my face refreshed and moisturized. Baring all never felt so luxurious.

What’s in it: My wipes are soaked in pure, skin-balancing Argan Oil, with aloe vera that soothes as refreshing cucumber extract and Vitamin E condition and refine. And each wipe is biodegradable, which helps our planet and everyone, furry or not, who shares it. 

What’s not in it: If there’s one thing I can’t bear, it’s an irritated, inflamed face. That’s why I avoid synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and parabens that could give your skin a raw deal.

How I use it: I store the package upside-down to let the solution absorb into the top wipe. At the end of a long day or first thing in the morning, I smooth one over my face for gentle, thorough cleansing that leaves me bare but never stripped.



icon-argan-oil.png icon-biodegradable.png icon-no-fragrance.png icon-made-with-love.png icon-natural.png icon-cruelty-free.png icon-paraben-free.png icon-vegan.png

Aqua (Water)**, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol** , Glyceryl Stearate**, Ceteareth-12, Cetyl Palmitate**,Glycerin**, Cucumis Sativa (Cucumber) Extract**, Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Extract**, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Gel**, Tocopheryl Acetate, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil**, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*, Sodium Chloride**, Sodium Citrate**, Phenoxyethanol.

*Certified Organic Ingredient

**Natural Ingredient

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  1. helps the bears and us!

    Posted by diane

    i love that a portion of these wipes help product polar bears! it makes me feel good knowing i am helping them in some small way. i also really like that they are biodegradable and will not end up in a landfill for all eternity. these wips remove all my makeup and leave my skin so soft!

  2. MUST HAVE!!!

    Posted by Renee

    i love these wipes! i have a pack for the gym, for my home and one for my luggage (as i travel a lot!) it takes the day off very nicely, even my bobbi brown no smudge mascara! AND the best part, you help save the polar bears.. what's not to like about this?!?

  3. Great gift

    Posted by Cynthia

    These wipes are gentle and very effective. I've only tried the drugstore brand by Ponds, so this is my first luxury brand of wipes. I love using them so much that I came back for 2 more - I'm giving 1 as a gift. Please make kits of multiple items Josie!

  4. Wonderful - lasts 2x as long if you cut in half

    Posted by April

    Okay, if you wear makeup every day or most days, these wipes probably seem a bit pricey, however, I am still recommending them. For starters, you can easily do with half a sheet instead of a whole, instantly doubling the package to 60 sheets. You can also feel good about using them because they are biodegradable (yay!) & a portion of every package sold goes to help polar bears (double yay!). They are a lifesaver when you’re travelling (the travel packs are great) or prepping for an after-work workout (so easy to wipe off all of your makeup in 2 seconds so it doesn’t melt off your face at the gym- I mean, really, is it fun to have your eyes feel the sting while your body feels the burn?), or when you’ve had a late night and are feeling lazy about taking your makeup off even though you know you should never go to bed with all that junky dirt on your face (your clogged pores will exact vengeance the next day). As the website says, my skin does indeed feel “nourished & refreshed.” Plus, I notice that the fine lines by my eyes seem to disappear a bit every time I use these wipes compared to using a conventional eye makeup remover. Easily tackles eyeliner, shadow, brow filler, & mascara without too much rubbing of the delicate wrinkle-prone eye area, which is always a bonus, and then continues to tackle any other makup on your face.

  5. Love using these

    Posted by Cynthia

    I am a believer of all the products I've bought, so I had to buy and try this one too. My skin is very clean and hydrated after using 1 wipe. I only wear eye makeup but have oily combination skin so my eyes become makeup free with gentle rubbing around the lash line. The scent just makes this product that much better! Please offer more mini and regular size kits!

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