• Bear Naked Nail Wipes
  • Bear Naked Nail Wipes

Bear Naked Nail Wipes - 40 Wipes

Size: 40 nail wipes

NEW, now available in a larger, 40-count container.

Conveniently packaged in a portable container, these three-in-one nail wipes remove nail polish, repair dry cuticles, and promote healthy nails naturally. Acetone free and grapefruit-scented, Bear Naked Nail Wipes are infused with organic Argan oil to moisturize cuticles and support nail growth.

With their adorable little faces and big floppy paws, polar bears are irresistible. But with global warming on the rise, the ice is melting under those big bear paws, threatening the species with extinction. We believe in being part of the solution, so we are donating a portion of every sale to the Polar Bear SOS initiative, a project of the National Resources Defense Council.

How To Use: Use one pad to remove polish from all 10 nails.


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Dimethyl Glutarate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethyl Adipate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*, Dimethyl Succinate, Parfum (Fragrance)**



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  1. Another Great from Josie!

    Posted by Linda

    I had been looking for a nail polish remover that was environmentally safe and cruelty free for quite a long time.........finally! And a portion of the proceeds go to a great cause. Thank you Josie!


    Posted by ninjagirljill

    I was saw these wipes when Josie presented them on qvc, and I just had to try them as I always had to do my nails in a different room than my husband & son were in due to the awful smell of the polish remover.

    With these wipes I no longer have to do that! They smell great/not offensive to anyone else in the room. The best thing is they are totally effective I use just one wipe & am able to totally remove all 10 fingers, and 1 wipe for all ten toes!

    They also leave my cuticles soft, moisturized, and treated, so they(&the skin around the nail)feels soft not dry like it used to. Sometimes I'll use a wipe on clean non-polished nails just as a treatment and it works great tht way as well!
    I highly recemmend these wipes! I won't ever use (or need to) anything else! GREAT JOB JOSIE! Please can we have a super size pot of 60 wipes!

  3. Josie Does it Again!!!!

    Posted by Erica

    I cleaned of a professional manicure with one wipe. ALL ten nails with one wipe. AMAZING. At first it didn;t seem to be working and I worried that the wipes had dried out, but I just kept move it and all three layers of polish & clear coat gone. Thanks for such great products!

  4. Gentle, but very effective and moisturizing

    Posted by Cynthia

    I wanted to try these nail wipes ever since they came out and I love them. I liked them so much, I came back to order another one. Please offer more kits and make some permanent in your line Josie!

  5. it works!

    Posted by Cris

    Just tried one of these and I'm so pleased to say they work great!! Love that it's not harsh, its acetone free, and that we can give back and donate to the Polar Bears - great cause.

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