• 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • 100% Pure Argan Oil

100% Pure Argan Oil

Size: 1.7 fl oz. / 50 ml.

What it is: Argan Oil is a 100% organic, chemical-free gift from nature. Its cosmetic and nutritional benefits have been the best-kept secret of Moroccan women for centuries—a secret that was whispered to me on a modeling shoot ten years ago.

"The liquid gold of Morocco” is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree, which grows only in the Moroccan desert. Argan Oil is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, so it has amazing healing, conditioning and repairing properties—for skin, hair, feet, nails, your baby’s bottom.

A moisturizer so pure you can use it on your baby, or use it to dress your salad? That’s my idea of pure beauty.

Why I love it: Argan Oil might not be able to solve all the world’s problems, but when it comes to your body, there isn’t much it can’t do. It’s light enough to use as an everyday moisturizer, and powerful enough to soothe the symptoms of skin ailments like eczema or rosacea.

Argan Oil is more than a pretty face. It’s a world-changer in a bottle—organically grown, then harvested and processed by women who support themselves and their families by selling us their liquid treasure. Health, beauty, and women empowering themselves: that’s the essence of Josie Maran Cosmetics. 

What’s in it: There’s nothing in the bottle but 100% Pure Argan Oil—organically grown, cold-pressed, and ready to rock your world. 

What’s not in it: You’ll find no fillers, no fragrances, no preservatives. It’s a win-win just as it is for all ages, all skin types, all the time.

How to use it:  I could go on and on. But for starters, you can use it on your face alone, or as a base for moisturizer, sunscreen or foundation. Or dab a drop on blemishes or rough cuticles. Or smooth it onto your hair for shine and softness. Or use it to hydrate your skin after a shower. Or…you tell me!





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100% Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

**Natural Ingredient

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  1. Most versatile product I own!

    Posted by Unknown

    This really is the perfect product. I use it for everything - mix it into my hair conditioner, use it on my skin, reduce the frizz on dry hair, even on my lips. Love!

  2. JM Where have you been all my life?

    Posted by vicki

    This is wonderful alone and I love trying it mixed with everything else. It makes everything better. I love this site and can't wait to try more products from JM.

  3. Nothing better!!

    Posted by Laurie

    I just adore Josie Maran argan oil.Tried a sample bottle and have used it since.Nothing out there like it!

  4. Everything all in one

    Posted by Olivia

    I put this on my face, i got rid of all the white cream moisturizers that are filled with ingrediants I cannot pronounce.

    It moisturuzers my face and neck and chest.

    Love it!!!!!!

  5. my skin drinks it up!

    Posted by Donna

    Currently, my thyroid is not balanced (hypothyroidism) and my skin has been so dry. I do like how this absorbs into my skin and keeps it hydrated all day without looking like a grease pit! I have always battled with acne, however, this product has cleared it up. I've used it on my damp hair too getting shiny and smooth results. I am a make-up artist who tries EVERYTHING in the beauty industry and I have to say that this is a 5 star product.

  6. Argan Oil

    Posted by Unknown

    I've only used this for a few days but love the product already. It makes my face very soft and smooth. I chose the regular version because my skin is dry.

  7. Well worth the wait

    Posted by Kristen

    I'm an almost 27yr old woman with dry skin and slight acne. I have a tendency to touch and rub my face A LOT (not good). I don't like wearing makeup. I just don't care for the feeling it leaves on my face. I prefer the natural and radiant look that, and I'll be honest, I never seemed to achieve. I received and started using this product for about a month now. When I first started using this product I also used a Garnier Fructis cleanser and moisturizer. I figured I liked their shampoo why not their face wash. (I've also used many similar products throughout the years starting around the beginning of college) The reason for this info is because when I first read about this product I only saw the amazing reviews (don't worry they are correct) and I never saw the 3 or less stars. I found many of them were from dry-very dry skinned people. It just seemed to make their skin even drier, and, unfortunately, it happened to me. Let me tell you, I was very saddened because I wanted a natural, healthy moisturizer with the added benefit of acne free skin.

    It took me about a day to get over my saddened state and do a little research. I came to the conclusion from reading many different skin care information that if I wanted to go more organic with my moisturizer why not with the rest of my skin care treatment. So I started using a mixture of RAW, ORGANIC honey and a small amount of milk for my cleanser and a part apple cider vinegar, part water toner mixture to bring back my pH levels. Little by little I added in the argan oil. The results were amazing! At first my skin was a little dry, however, slowly but surely my skin transformed to the skin I have now. Which is healthy, smooth, moisturized, and most importantly acne free. I finally have the natural, radiant look I always wanted. I think the problem with the drug store/grocery products I was using were stripping away my sebum. When I decided to use the argan oil it was trying to level out my natural oils, which I didn't have enough of and it made me drier. But when I went more natural with my cleansers they locked in my natural oils instead of taking them away.

    The reason for this very long review is for those that this product doesn't seem to work for. And you might be right, but I believe you HAVE to do more research on the skin care regiment you're using not just the one product. You don't have to go completely organic like I did but be conscious of the ingredients that are harmful to your skin. I hope this helps!

  8. Addicted

    Posted by KAREN FRISK

    I am absolutely addicted to this! My mom handed me down some other moisturizer that she had that she had too much of, and since it was expensive stuff I felt like I was obligated to use it... needless to say I only got through half the bottle before I went back to Josie's Argan Oil. I had a facial for the first time today and the aesthetician told me that she could tell that I was taking great care of my skin and to keep doing what I am doing... I told her that everything that touches my skin (sadly everything) is from Josie Maran... cleansing oil, Argan oil, matchmaker foundation, eye shadows, everything! Thank you so much Josie for transforming my skin! And it all started with my "gateway drug" your pure Argan Oil!

  9. Made a Real Difference

    Posted by Anita

    I added this to my regimen because nothing was moisturizing enough during the winter months. I layered it between my treatment serum and night cream (I am in my early fifties) and my dry skin problems are history. I really did see a huge difference the first morning after adding this. I have been using the argan body products for so long and never dreamed I would use this on my face. So glad I took the plunge!

  10. ABSOLUTELY fabulous!

    Posted by SALLY-ANNE

    I can honestly say that 100% Pure Argan Oil is probably the best product I've ever used! I've been using it for about 8 months and have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin!! A little goes a long way. Absorbs quickly, non-greasy. Leaves my skin soft and lucent. The Jose Maran brand is pricey, yes, but worth it, most definitely!!!

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