• 100% Pure Argan Oil Luxury Size

100% Pure Argan Oil Luxury Size

Size: 4 fl oz. / 120 ml.

What it is:  Get pumped: my legendary healing, beautifying argan oil is now available at twice the size of the original bottle, so if you can’t get enough antioxidant-rich, liquid gold goodness in your life—and who can?—your troubles are over.  The handy pump dispenser on this recyclable 4-oz glass bottle makes it ideal for the medicine cabinet, the night table, the guest room…anywhere you want a steady stash of conditioning, nourishing luxury.

Why I love it:  This stuff is so great I never want to run out—and now I don’t have to. Having 100% Pure Argan Oil on hand on the home front, wherever I need it, is the ultimate luxury item.

What’s in it: Nothing but a whole lotta 100% Pure Argan Oil: large and in charge.

What’s not in it: Bigger sometimes means better, but it never means more room for filler oils, synthetic fragrances, or icky preservatives.

How I use it:  I put it on my girls’ bug bites. I smooth some on right out of the shower. I use it as an everyday moisturizer and as first aid for split ends and blemishes. I could go on and on. (No, really: with this size, I could.) 



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100% Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

**Natural Ingredient

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  1. The Best!!

    Posted by Elle Norton

    Love, Love, Love the original Argan Oil. I use it twice a day and my skin feels amazing. Thank you Josie Maran!!

  2. Amazing Product!

    Posted by Tiffany

    Just received the luxury size today in the mail. I love the size of this product. I've always used the regular and mini sizes of this product on a daily basis and love the effects of it. I use it on almost everything - hands, cuticles, hair scalp, hair tips, feet, and even stretch marks. The only complaint I have towards this product would be the price. I understand that this is a "luxury" size, however I find $96.00 is a lot for a bottle of Argan Oil.

  3. Quality product

    Posted by Therese Lawton

    I must have 5 different kinds of pure argan oil, I purchased Josie Maran's luxury size and it is wonderful. It soaks right into my skin and is not heavy, THANKYOU for the great product. Hope to purchase from you soon,

  4. This is the best!

    Posted by Barbara Raeder

    I love Argan oil, I use it on my face at least twice a day. I am 64 years old and people are always amazed at my skin. I use it also on my hands and cuticles. I have a lot of natural oil in my skin yet the Argan oil does not make my skin oily. My skin feel like velvet.

  5. expensive yet perfect

    Posted by Unknown

    I've been using Josie's argan oil for almost one year on my face, neck and hands. Got hubby to use it at night. Miracles? Nah - yet our skin is lovely and happy.
    Worth the price for this quality product.

  6. the best thing ever

    Posted by priyanka

    i have perenially dry skin. cannot tell u how much thankful i am to Josie for discovering this product and making it available for us in the USA.. its amazing that its an oil, but its not sticky at all!!! the skin just drinks it.. and i look so fresh.!!!1

  7. Love it!

    Posted by Josephine

    I love Argan Oil. It's great for keeping dry skin from using Retin-A at bay. I just wish the pump bottle would return.

  8. This oil is lovely for people with sensitive skin!

    Posted by Alex

    I use this oil on my scalp for scalp psoriasis as well as on the rest of my body for moisturization. Once you put this oil on, your skin will drink it up in about 20 minutes and your skin will be soft as a baby's bottom. POWER COMBO= argan balm body scrub + argan oil + whipped body butter. This is a special multi-step process I do once a week to once every two weeks and you will wake up the next morning with the softest body skin you have ever had! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! The only negative I would say is the price, but I try to buy it when there is a promo going on to save $18-$25.

  9. LOVE IT

    Posted by Unknown

    Finally! A product that delivers what it says. Worth every penny! And its long lasting; just a few drops will make a huge difference.

  10. Miracle in a Bottle

    Posted by Elaine

    A friend gave me what was left in a .05 bottle she had, it was like giving my skin a new lease on life. My face, hands, nails. Just for the fun of it, I rubbed it on my husband's face, (scaly, flaking skin) and WOOLA !! We now call him Argan Man. Made him a believer too !

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